Currently United Kingdom offers the easier access route to Study/Work/Migrate internationally. Embrace your independence with a United Kingdom education. You can think for yourself, make your own decisions and learn the way you want to. British Education means quality education – British Education is known all around the world for its quality. It teaches you skills that are relevant and much sought-after by companies. British degrees are of variety, affordable, of highest quality and give compact ability and respectability. At the heart of your course – You can get closer to the heart of your course, e.g. if you plan to study arts; you would be interested to note that the design industry is worth £12 billion and it supports over 300,000 jobs.

 General Information 

  • Capital of England – London 
  • Largest city – London
  • Population -64million
  • Official Languages – English
  • Regional Languages-Scots, Ulster Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Irish
  • Currency-New Pound sterling( GBP )
  • Government – Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
  • Monarch – Elizabeth II
  • Prime Minister – Boris Johnson
  • Minimum wages / hour – (18-20 age group) 6.15 GBP (21-24 age) 7.38 GBP, (25 and older) 8.21 GBP
  • Part time wages / Hour – 6.7 GBP per hour. (Subject to variation)
  • International dialling code – +44
  • International Airports – London Heathrow, Birmingham International Airport, Bristol International Airport

 Cost For Study Programs


Study Program

Average annual fee (in CAD*)


Undergraduate program

£10,000 to £38,000 per year*


Postgraduate master’s degree

£11,000 to £32,000 per year*





Intakes – Sept / Jan / May

Major Intake – Sept/Oct


Why study in UK ?

  • World class research nation with internationally recognised qualifications
  • High quality education that’s backed by centuries of tradition
  • International students studying at UK institutions may take part-time or vacation work without needing to obtain permission from the local job centre
  • Sandwich bachelors with Industry placement.
  • Encourages relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today’s top companies.
  • Tuition fees and living costs are good value and compare favourably with costs in other top education destinations
  • Student discount facilities provided free through National Union of Students membership for all students.International students has high success rate in U.K educational system
  • Health insurance is free of cost for students who pursue course of 6 months and more
  • Availability of flexible and shorter duration courses when compared to other countries where students could you spend less time away from home and less money on course fees.
  • World’s most popular destination for studies
  • Qualifications recognised by Universities and employers
  • Ranked highest in the global university ranking
  • Producer of world’s greatest thinkers
  • Grants and Scholarships for International students
  • Comparatively low tuition fees
  • Great place to live in
  • One of the best culture and heritage


UK has introduced Post Study Work Options again. Both Undergrad and Post grad student can enjoy this facility from September 2020.


A university student can work up to 20 hours/week and can enjoy full time work facility ( 40 hours/week) during any valid semester break.
Post Study Work (PSW): After successfully complete the graduation (both Bachelor and Master) a student can avail 2 years Full time Post Study work permit facility.

UK University Scholarships

In addition to scholarship programs described above, there are a lot of other scholarship resources in the UK. First, there are several scholarship schemes, funded by governmental or non-governmental organizations, designed for students coming from particular countries. Besides, many universities have established their own programs of UK scholarships for international students. To see if the University of your Choice has such programs on offer you must reach them by email.