Malaysia is a cosmopolitan country situated in South-East Asia and consists of three main races of the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. There is a minority of foreigners also living in the country. The Malaysian education system is monitored by the Ministry of Education which is called, ‘Kementerian Pendidikan’. Malaysia’s relaxed pace of life gives you the time to enjoy everything our vibrant modern cities have to offer. Enjoy live music, theatre, film, dance, free festivals or international sports fixtures, or hang out with your new friends at a cafe, restaurant or bar.

Education in Malaysia starts at Pre-School till the university level. The government undertakes the responsibility of a sound education system. Pre-Tertiary education (pre-school to secondary education) is under the Ministry of Education (MOE) and tertiary or higher education is looked after by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

Malaysia is one of the safest and friendliest places you can choose for your studies . Your education provider will have signed a code of pastoral care aimed at ensuring you have the care and support you need to have a successful study experience in Malaysia .


General information


  • Capital – Kuala lumpur
  • Official name- MALAYSIA
  • Population – 32 million
  •  Largest city – KUALA LUMPUR
  • Official Language – MALAY
  • Other Official Languages: ENGLISH
  • Prime Minister –Muhyiddin yassin
  • Currency – ringgit       
  • Climate- Government federal parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy
  • International Airports –Kuala Lumpur International Airport , Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur), (IATAKUL, ICAO: WMKK)


              Cost For Study Programs

1.       DIPLOMA: 7000-15000 ringgit ( per year )

2.       Foundation :10000-18000 ringgit

3.       BACHELOR: 10000-30000 ringgit

4.       Masters degree: 15000- 35000 ringgit

Intake : feb/may/September

Major intake: may/ September


20 hours per week; 60 hours during vacation.




1. quality education program

2.  affordable cost living and tuition fee

3. multicultural study environment

4.safe and comfortable study environment

5.unique & DRIVES culture

6.seamless immigration procedure

7.job opportunities for student

8. Enjoy the most public holidays in the world

9. Eat your heart out

10. Take the cheapest flights in the world