We have language institutions that offers language courses to potential students and professionals. Courses currently offered are IELTS/TOEFL preparation course, Conversational English, etc. The Institution now in the process of introducing Mandarin and German language courses to facilitate students and other interested professionals.


We review academic, professional, financial circumstances along with candidates future study & career plan. According to their needs, we assist them in selecting suitable courses, degree programs, place of study & all other related issues. We guide candidates on how to comply with updated visa requirements of intended place of study.

We have dedicated and well experienced counselors’ who are always ready to assist candidates in every steps of the process, from their first visit to our office, admission, visa procedure etc. until departure to desired destination.

Detail information on different universities, countries, visa requirements etc. are made available in our office, on our website to assist candidates and other interested parties.


Choosing right course and right place is crucial. Choosing a right course helps candidate to grab better opportunities and get into desired jobs. We provide full assistance and guidance to candidates in completing / submitting application for admission. We will provide them with list of options and necessary supporting documents. We will correspondence with the university/college regarding their application and assist them in obtaining Offer Letter once application is accepted.


Depending upon visa requirements of respective countries and the program candidates applying for, we assist them in compiling/organizing necessary documents of the students so that they meet the requirements and avoid any clerical errors. This is a critical process and we pay extreme care and attention to do it right. Proper presentation of documents also increases their chance of obtaining visa for the intended country for study.


The value of currency in foreign exchange keeps on fluctuating on daily basis that intensely has an effect on loss of money in currency exchange. At Enzenius Consultancy Services Limited, we provide guidance for preparing Demand Drafts, International Debit Cards, Wire Transfers and exchange of currency. We have developed relationship with local banks to facilitate our assist our clients with foreign exchange transactions.


We understand the value of money spent and try our best to get students some form of financial aid in the form of tuition fee bursaries, scholarships, application fee waivers, etc. All awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of respective universities. Candidate with excellent academics, good performance on standardized exams and extra- curricular activities are eligible for scholarship awards. But this information needs to be presented in manner that it gets highlighted and noticed. At Enzenius Consultancy Services Limited we make every possible effort to help deserving candidates get scholarships and financial assistance. In addition we highlight those programs that have internship options (paid or unpaid), industrial placements, etc to help students get a foothold into the work place much before they set out to look for jobs during their post study work permit periods (where applicable).


Going away from home even for a day or so is always tough and imagine how it would feel when you have to travel abroad and that too all alone for years. At Enzenius Consultancy Services Limited we understand the students’ and their parents’ anxiety and make students’ journey quite comfortable and safe. When we talk about travelling assistance we are not just talking about flight tickets from native land to the foreign land or desired country but also travel from the airport to place where the students will be staying or if the stay is in hostel of the university campus. At Enzenius Consultancy Services Limited we take every possible effort to make a student’s journey from their native country to the foreign country of their choice as seamless as possible. We guide them with travel tips and also assist with any airline bookings. This valuable service is provided free of cost.